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Message from the Youth Director

Thank you for your interest in the Youth Groups at Bethlehem Christian Church! At Bethlehem, we have youth group programs for just about any age.

The Pioneer Clubs have been at Bethlehem since 2000, and we have clubs for two-year-olds through fifth-graders. The Scooters club is designed for children two- through five-years-old, the Voyagers club is for first- and second-graders, and the Pathfinders club is for young people in third through fifth grades.

The Pioneer Clubs at Bethlehem are based on the nationally recognized youth group programs that are already in place and extremely successful at thousands of churches around the country. With Pioneer Clubs at Bethlehem, children will be led in challenging, informative, and Biblically-sound lessons by leaders who care about the spiritual growth of your young person. Children will have frequent opportunities to earn special awards for Bible verse memorization and completion of various Pioneer activities. And, each group will engage in fun activities and mission projects within the church and the community to reinforce the Pioneer slogan: "Christ in Every Aspect of Life".

The Alpha Youth Group is for youth in sixth through eight grades, while the Omega Youth Group is for teens in ninth through twelfth grades.

Both groups incorporate a unique blend of fun activities, interesting Biblically-based lessons, and church and community projects to involve youth in the church and surrounding community. Dynamic materials from reputable Christian publishers such as Group Publishing and Youth Specialties are used to bring a fresh interactive lesson style to the groups, encouraging greater participation and more open discussion. Topics of interest to the youth are covered in a Scriptural, sensitive, and age-appropriate way, helping them to find Biblical answers for the questions most pressing on their minds and Christ-like solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis.

The purpose of the Youth Groups at Bethlehem is to help children and youth make Christ Lord in every aspect of life, form healthy relationships, and develop positive feelings about themselves. We have chosen club leaders who are committed to this goal and who love children.

If I can answer any questions concerning the Youth Groups at Bethlehem, please feel free to call me at (757) 539-1966, or e-mail me.

In Christ,

David Salerno, Youth Director
Bethlehem Christian Church

About Bethlehem Christian Church

Bethlehem Christian Church is an independent congregational Christian church located in the heart of Suffolk, Virginia. Located along the busy U.S. Highway 58 corridor, Bethlehem is convenient to reach from every direction and ideally situated to play an active role and make an impact in the local community and beyond.

Bethlehem Christian Church was first organized in 1847, was devastated by war in 1862, and reorganized in 1866, since which time it has maintained an unbroken program of service. Dr. William B. Wellons from Southampton County served as pastor of the newly-organized church. One of the earliest leaders of Bethlehem Christian Church, Thomas J. Kilby, became a leader in the organization of the Southern Christian Association.

Bethlehem Christian Church is blessed with a large facility featuring a 400-person capacity sanctuary, a 15-classroom Educational Wing, two spacious fellowship halls, and dedicated choir and handbell rehearsal rooms. With its spacious 375-person capacity and dedicated kitchen and storage, Graham Fellowship Hall allows Bethlehem to host numerous concerts, conferences, and fellowship activities throughout the year.

Ideally situated, materially blessed, and God-focused, Bethlehem Christian Church is poised to grow in God and . Won't you join us and grow with us?

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Bethlehem Christian Church
1549 Holland Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23434

Telephone Number:

(757) 539-4274


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Directions to Bethlehem Christian Church

Bethlehem Christian Church is located on U.S. 58 approximately 4 miles west of downtown Suffolk, approximately 8 miles east of Holland, and approximately 1/4 mile west of the westernmost intersection of U.S. 58 Bypass and U.S. 58 Business. The church's address is 1549 Holland Road, Suffolk, Virginia 23434. The church's phone number is (757) 539-4274.

From Downtown Suffolk: Take Holland Rd. (U.S. 58) West toward Holland. Turn left at the traffic signal at the intersection of U.S. 58 Bypass. Church is on the left after the next traffic signal.

From Holland: Take Holland Rd. (U.S. 58) East toward Suffolk. Church is on the right after the third traffic signal.

From Bowers Hill: Take U.S. 58 West at the intersection of I-64, I-264, and I-664. Take U.S. 58 West Bypass. Church is on the left after the second traffic signal.

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Regular Meeting Schedule

During the youth group season (typically September through May), the Youth Groups at Bethlehem hold Regular Meetings from 5:30pm until 7:15pm every Sunday night, except when canceled or re-scheduled due to holidays or other church events.

All Regular Meetings begin with dinner in Graham Fellowship Hall at 5:30pm. Following a brief Opening Excercise in Graham Hall, youth are dismissed to their club rooms at approximately 6:00pm for club time. Clubs are dismissed at 7:15pm and return to Graham Hall for pick-up.

During Regular Meetings, your young person will participate in a number of activities. Pioneers will participate in Bible lessons, Bible verse memorization, Pioneer Club Activity Award projects, music, crafts, games, and more. Alphas and Omegas will participate in Biblically-based discussions, Bible verse application, music, crafts, games, and more.

NOTE! Each group may schedule activities, mission projects, fundraisers, and/or trips. These events are in addition to the Regular Meeting schedule and are independently scheduled by the individual group leaders. These events may occasionally replace a scheduled Regular Meeting for your group. Seasonal parties or activities may also be scheduled by the Youth Director. Your group's leaders will keep you informed about all upcoming events for your group. Please refer to your group's Schedule page, or contact your group's leaders, for specific schedule information for your group.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Youth Groups at Bethlehem Christian Church is to help children and youth make Christ Lord in every aspect of life, form healthy relationships, and develop positive feelings about themselves.

Although there are a number of goals toward which the Youth Groups at Bethlehem strive, the following four goals have been recognized as essential to meet in order to fulfil our purpose:

Build Relationships--Long after the lessons are learned, the games are played, the songs are sung, and the refreshments are devoured, the relationships that are built while participating in the Youth Groups at Bethlehem are what a young person will remember and cherish. It is these relationships--youth-to-leader, youth-to-youth, leader-to-parent, and youth-to-God--that will make the Youth Group programs at Bethlehem successful and worthwhile.
Create a Safe, Enjoyable Environment--The Youth Groups at Bethlehem should be a place that young people can't wait to come to, and parents feel safe and secure about taking them to. Caring leaders should provide a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Encourage Church and Community Involvement--The Youth Groups at Bethlehem should leave young people with a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and self-worth. By doing good works for others in the church and local community, young people will develop a sense of belonging and a Christ-like attitude of service to others.
Provide Practical Christian Instruction--Young people want to know how they fit into the world around them. Effective instruction should present youth with Christian principles for daily living that will help to answer their questions and help them to discover solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis, all from a Scriptural and Christ-like perspective. Effective instruction should also be fun and enjoyable, and promote retention of the principles learned.

Youth Ministry Philosophy

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